An office is typically a place where acceptable sound levels are kept at a bare minimum. This is because it helps staff concentrate on their duties, and this increases efficiency. Unless working in a factory with heavy machinery, the corporate office setup requires zero noise. Circumstances in the architecture of an office can render it quite open to noise, and this may scare potential customers away. Once you have created a nice office but see no signs of occupancy, its best to start thinking about getting some partitions to help reduce noise. Click here 

In the natural office environment, concentration levels are generally high and very dependent on the absence of high sound levels. Even during discussions, the general unwritten rule is to keep it low, even when ideas differ and tempers fly. There are several types of noise that interrupt concentration levels at the workplace, including sound made by group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and electronic equipment installed within the offices such as computers, scanners, and printers.

Research has found that simply installing office partitions can help reduce all this noise by over seventy percent, thus creating a conducive environment at the workplace. More information 

  • Office partitions can help in keeping your office space relatively serene by absorbing sound created by conversations and electronic office equipment. You can use them strategically around places that harbor sources of high sound levels to contain the noise without having to pin notices about keeping it low in the office since not all noise is created with ill intent. Boardrooms and brainstorming rooms are examples of places where you will definitely need a good office partitioning system in place as discussions in these places can get quite heated, resulting in noise generation.
  • Office chatter is generally created by conversations amongst colleagues, and while these conversations are useful, some staff might be trying to concentrate on a task that requires no noise. Thus, open office desks can have mini partition screens installed across to reduce the noise generated during work hours. 
  • Office partitions can be useful in cordoning machines that often generate noise during operations. Printers that have been in use for some time tend to get noisier and can cause a distraction if in constant use. Certain computers can also generate noise with their fans and also beeps when in use. An office having several secretaries in an open area all tapping away at typewriters can have a very noisy environment negatively affecting the concentration levels of other staff. 
  • Glass walls can also come handy in separating noisy areas in an office due to their excellent sound absorption properties. Using transparent glass to partition general work areas is advised as it allows light through the rooms. Translucent glass is also useful in keeping meeting rooms private while allowing light in and keeping the noise levels contained.
  • Noise levels can also be significantly reduced by creating partitions with acoustic properties that are useful to staff that requires zero noise, such as science labs. The acoustic partitions absorb sound, creating a very conducive environment for everyone.

It is evident that office partitions are invaluable in noise reduction at the office, and this significantly contributes to higher efficiency.

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