How to Enable Hyper-V in Windows 11


They aren’t great if you need to cast your screen or give a presentation, however. Apart from occasional nagging, you can still do everything you would usually do, apart from the limitations noted in the article above. After 30 days of running Windows without activating it, you’ll notice a watermark appear at the bottom-right of the desktop.

  • Pressing Win in combination with other keys will access shortcuts; these will vary based on the version of Windows you are using.
  • Microsoft announced a native remote assistance solution New Remote Help Solution Available With Intune MEM Admin Center From Microsoft.
  • Windows also creates its own pop-ups, usually to sell new products, which you can easily block as well.
  • It is noticed that using unofficial way to crack Windows activation is intellectual property infringement in all countries and regions.

He used to build WordPress websites but gave it all up to develop little iOS games instead. Finally, he dropped out of CA to pursue his love for tech. He currently divides his time between Guiding Tech and Tech Wiser . One reason why you should consider activating Windows 10 is its features. Windows 10 comes with several features, many of which are only available in the licensed version. Some of my favorites are systemwide dark mode, Windows Defender and Security, Focus Assist, and Windows Hello, among others.

What happens if you don’t activate Windows?

The former will take more time (it’s over 4GB to download) but may work better if you suspect your problem is with your OS rather than an app or a misapplied setting. You can choose to keep your existing files or remove everything and do a clean reinstall. You can reset your PC from Settings, the sign-in screen, or by using a recovery drive or installation media. Then, click the Destination to choose the storage location for the system image. You had better choose an external hard drive which can be connected to your laptop via USB cable.

Sometimes, the nuclear option of a full factory reset is the only way to solve certain issues with your computer. While it’s not convenient, knowing how to perform a factory reset is important. If your PC doesn’t have a recovery partition available, you’ll need to use one of source the methods listed above to factory reset Windows 10 instead. If you are reinstalling Windows 10/11 from an installation medium such as a CD, then resetting the Windows 10 to factory settings is the sole way to get a fresh Windows installation.

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Your Windows 10 taskbar not working could be the result of an action like that. You should find that everything on your screen is gone. Type in the following command to bring it all back. Windows Explorer is one of the core utilities in which a number of small items reside. Your taskbar is actually part of the Explorer, and you can restart it which in turn will give a fresh start to your taskbar.

Erasing the hard drive and reinstalling Windows

However, if you wish to activate Windows on a different device, you will need to buy another activation key for the other device. I know it seems like a bad idea on Microsoft’s end to allow users to continue using Windows without an activation key. But to be fair, it makes the most sense for them from a business perspective. Your personalization settings will also be deactivated and you won’t have the opportunity to access these settings. Since Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world, it is often the victim of piracy. So, Microsoft came up with a solution to this problem.

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