Whenever we introduce a client to adjustable walls, they are skeptic because of the long-held belief that concrete and brick constructions are the best for creating rooms, but that belief is based on a lack of other options perspective. Someone who has been designing office space in this manner has gotten so used to it, but when we ruin in the numbers for them, they get amazed. But it’s not just numbers that endear adjustable partitioning to office designers. There are several often unseen benefits of using them in your office space;

  • The government has put in place tax deductions for those who own commercial property. This tax is calculated based on both the outer and inner structure of the office space. This means constructing partitions using concrete and bricks will not only be an expensive venture in the construction stages but will also attract more taxation as the inner structure is part of the building. However, modern adjustable office wall glass partitions have not taxed this way since they are movable and are categorized as office inventory. This means at the end of the day, your office will be taxed as a single open room setup and what is inside as inventory, you will pay much less every year, saving you money that can be used in other ventures.
  • Can you imagine a new client coming to your office for the first time to close a very big deal? You are too excited and in a rush, get your office, which was partitioned using brick and concrete, painted to give it a fresh, clean look. The day arrives, and the client shows up, but in the introduction stages, your client gets very sick and has to be rushed to the hospital. The hospital confirms that the client inhaled fumes from a paint solution causing the illness. The client has to stay in the hospital for two weeks, and you eventually lose the deal. While this seems like the worst-case scenario, it can and does happen. A problem that could have been completely avoided had you simply got a designer who sees the potential for flexibility and adaptability, who can advise you that adjustable wall glass partition for office is the modern way to go. These walls don’t need any paint and can be combined to give a very appealing ambiance to your office space. Staff and visitors alike will feel comfortable around this setup, and this will translate to more business. 
  • In the vent that you have an office building partitioned in the old fashioned way and you need to renovate, you would have to shift staff to other not-so-comfortable places where their concentration is definitely going to be affected. While you may not notice it at first, some staff could get so stressed by the changes that they would just need time off. Others would continue to work, but with low motivation and sooner or later, you would start getting resignation letters on your desk. Installing adjustable walls can save you all this trouble since the process of recreating some office space would take a very short period and would not disrupt any activities in your office. We see that more and more companies are choosing this option because they see all its benefits that we promote on social media in cooperation with The Marketing Heaven.

Staff motivation is an integral part of your success in business, and thus, their comfort in the workplace is something not to be ignored. Using adjustable walls ensures you retain your staff and business continues as usual. Frameless glass partition – more information here

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